5 Modern Touches Worth Considering for Your Bathroom

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If your bathroom has not been renovated for many years or even at all, it may currently look outdated. Fortunately, we can expertly undertake bathroom renovations in Christchurch and Selwyn — and, in the process, add the following features to bring the spaces up to date in various respects.

Brass Accents

One common problem with bathrooms is that they can have an overwhelming amount of white potentially leaving them feeling overly clinical.

Fortunately, adding various bathroom features — including taps and shower fittings — in the copper-and-zinc alloy known as brass can help to cultivate a more welcoming vibe for the space.

Digital Shower

Imagine a shower incorporating an LED display that would let you see in numbers how warm the water pouring out of the shower head is actually getting.

You can make all of that a reality by opting for a digital shower, which will also come with valves capable of flashing in response to the water heating up or cooling down.

Wet Room

This basically refers to a showering area that is left open rather than with a closed enclosure. If space is at a premium in your bathroom, a wet room can aid in making it appear larger.

Our expertise in bathroom renovations in Christchurch and Selwyn covers installing wet rooms — including providing necessary waterproofing and drainage for the project.

Heated Towel Rail

It’s pretty self-explanatory what a heated towel rail is. This fitting would enable you to not only elegantly display towels but also quicken the pace at which they dry once they have been placed on the rail.

This can reduce a lot of hassle if you are part of a particularly large household where many members might need to use the bathroom in quick succession.

Soft-Close Drawers

Drawers are obviously good for storing essential bathroom supplies like soap bars, body wash and toilet roll. However, since you and people you live with could need to regularly retrieve items from inside those drawers, why not choose ones that close gently rather than with a loud bang?

We would be delighted to provide you with further details of modern flourishes we are able to implement with bathroom renovations in Christchurch and Selwyn. As a result of phoning 027 540 0996 or emailing [email protected], you can also obtain a free quote from our dedicated team.