7 Bathroom Design Trends in 2023

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Not only do you and your family use the bathroom, but so do your guests, which is why you might find it important to ensure that it both functions appropriately and looks appealing.

So, if you want to re-style your bathroom, bathroom renovations in Christchurch are the right place. Here are 7 bathroom design trends to take inspiration from:

1) Brushed metallics 

No matter if it’s through accents in the furniture such as cabinet handles, mirror frames, and more, incorporating brushed metallics this way adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Brassy, bronze, or even gold colours are perfect for a slight mid-century modern look and feel.

2) Statement piece of the room: lighting

If you truly want to get creative, opt for decorative lighting that becomes the statement piece of the bathroom. This can be a ceiling light or wall lighting – the choice is yours. Hanging pendant lights, for instance, are a good option.

3) ‘Spathrooms’

The notion of ‘spathrooms’ is becoming increasingly popular – these are spa-inspired bathrooms that are designed with self-care in mind. Freestanding large bathtubs, plants, and neutral tones are the big players in this type of bathroom. Ideal for en-suites, but work just as well for shared bathrooms.

4) Narrow furniture for small bathrooms

Not all of us have the privilege of a spacious bathroom, so we shouldn’t forget about small bathrooms. Maximising space usage without overcrowding the room is key here, which is why narrow bathroom furniture is essential for small bathrooms.

5) Style blends

More and more people are beginning to mix different styles together instead of sticking to one. Don’t be afraid to do the same. No matter the styles, as long as you don’t overdo it, your bathroom can look gorgeous.

6) All whites

From white walls and floors to white sinks, showers, and cabinets, white is the ultimate color for bathrooms this year.

7) Floating/wall shelves

Open-air shelves are in vogue, so if you want to modernise your bathroom, this is a design option to consider. Not only does it add storage and maximize your space, but it also adds a slight hospitality touch, perfect for guest bathrooms.

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