9 Features that Should be Incorporated into Newly Built Homes of Today

Are you in the process of building a new home? While this is an exciting process, there is so much to think about. Modern homes have modern requirements, and as professional builders in Christchurch, there are certain features that we consider ‘must-haves’.


Thermally broken double-glazed windows are now the minimum standard in the Christchurch region as of November 2022. For extra thermal resistance there are uPVC, Low E glass, argon gas filled or Triple-glazed options. Spending a bit more now can save on energy costs and enjoy the advantages of high-quality windows in your home.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting and smart appliances are incredibly popular as you can control these features in your home from your mobile phone.

Outdoor Living Spaces

One area that many new homeowners are focusing on is their outdoor living space. Whether you plan to use it for relaxing, entertaining or exercising, it is essential that your outdoor space meets your needs.


Having a dedicated room for leaving coats and muddy shoes is ideal for keeping your home clean. This is a must if you have pets and children!

Drawers with Outlets

One of the biggest modern trends in home construction is to have electrical outlets in your drawers so that you can charge phones, speakers and laptops out of sight.


For a while, pantries were considered quite outdated but now they are making a comeback in a big way. They provide an easy, accessible way to store all your food items away fro view.

Sufficient Storage

It is always a good idea to incorporate more storage than you think you’ll need. You never know if you’ll have guests for extended periods or get into a new hobby that requires some extra storage in your home.

Quality HVAC System

Invest in a top-quality HVAC system that provides you with reliable and practical temperature control.

Sun Tunnels

Feel as though your living spaces in your home need more natural light? Sun tunnels are the ideal way to incorporate more natural light into your home and can help you save when it comes to heating and lighting costs.

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