Designing A New Home With Pets In Mind

Are you an animal lover that is looking to build a new home? Certain designs and features are well-suited to pets, while others simply aren’t. You want to ensure that your new home is safe and comfortable for your furry friends from the get-go, as it may be difficult and expensive to add certain features at a later stage. You should also think about the future and what sort of pets you’d want to add to your family later down the line.

As experienced builders who have worked with dozens of clients on their new builds in Rolleston, we thought we’d share some advice.

Garden Design & Wall

You want to ensure that your garden is a safe place for your pets to play and that your garden walls are high enough to prevent any pets from getting lost. You may want to separate your garden so that your pets have their own area that does not lead to the main gate, where they could get out when you’re driving in and out.


Flooring is probably your number one consideration when it comes to a pet-friendly home, especially if your pets are indoor pets. Carpets are usually a no-go with pets as they can be very difficult to clean. And if you have a pet that sheds, you may find yourself vacuuming more often than you’d like. Flooring choices that are hardy and easy to clean include laminate, cement, stone, tile and marble.


Pet paraphernalia can often get in the way, and if you want an easy and convenient flow in your new home, you may want to consider a dedicated feeding space for your pets as well as storage for their blankets, toys, etc.

Pet Entrance

Do you find it annoying to always have to open and close your door for your pet? You may want to consider including a specially designed pet entrance. You may also want to install a wash station at the entrance for easy washing of your pets.

Choose Rise Residential

Here at Rise Residential, we have handled hundreds of new builds in Rolleston. If you don’t already have home plans and designs, we can put you in contact with experienced architects that we work with regularly. We can even sit in on your meetings with them and give technical advice and insight.

Are you looking for residential builders prebbleton and rolleston that provide all the services associated with new builds in Rolleston? Get in touch with our team at Rise Residential today and we can start planning your dream home together.