How a new home can be built to eco-friendly standards

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Aligned with the positive values of New Zealand’s emission reduction plan, new builds in Christchurch are (now more than ever!) being built to eco-friendly standards. Sustainability is the way forward to a cleaner and greener future, particularly in the construction industries. But, how can a new home be built to eco-friendly standards, considering the manpower and machinery usually involved? Find out more with our experts at Rise Residential, below.

Innovative site design

Before the first brick is laid for a new build in Christchurch, innovative site design is the first step for creating an eco-friendly home. This means using the surrounding landscape, and Mother Nature herself, to your advantage.

For example, a house can be expertly positioned to maximise the amount of nearby vegetation for shade and temperature control, and the winter sun can be angled into the new building to save on electricity, enabling the property to meet all current eco-friendly standards.

Use of salvaged materials

Building materials can pile up as waste in recycling plants and local dumps. To prevent this terrible build-up of non-biodegradable waste, a new home could use salvaged materials instead of new ones, protecting the surrounding environment and reducing the total cost of construction.

Salvaged metal, timber, glass, and brick aren’t as hard to find as you might think!

Make the most of natural light

Plenty of natural light can save you thousands on energy bills, which is why a new, eco-friendly building in Christchurch should make the most of the natural light outside. This can be done through the precise installation of skylights and larger windows throughout the property.

More windows also equate to better ventilation throughout the home, decreasing high moisture levels that can exacerbate health conditions like asthma. Your body, and the surrounding environment, will benefit as a result!

Interested in new builds across Christchurch? Want to construct your own? Contact Rise Residential as soon as possible, for eco-friendly building services that you can rely on.